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 Question to Kashmiris!

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PostSubject: Question to Kashmiris!   Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:15 pm

I would like All those Kashmiris crying yourself hoarse for Independence, self determination rights to answer these:

1) If you are truly bothered about your Kashmiri sovereignty, why are you NOT protesting against Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir?

2) Why did you NOT protest when Pakistan oh-so-politely gifted a part of 'your' soil to Chinese?

3) Out of the three countries occupying 'your' soil, Only India has respected Kashmiri right to ownership and has not diluted the population. Six lacs troops patrolling you may say, but Six lacs troops can be removed from the valley in one day! What are you guys going to do about the millions of punjabis/nomads/pakistanis and chinese who have settled in 'your' soil and have made you guys a minority in your own land??
Why not even whimper against these?

4) Right for self-determination -- For this to happen, you need to ask Pakistan and Chinese to move out their citizens from your beloved land and Kashmiri pandits need to be brought back and then Plebiscite can take place. So, instead of protesting against India, focus on forcing your 'friendly' neighbors to work towards removal of their citizens from ur place.

5) If Kashmiris are REally want to be independent, why arent the people in POK and COK not protesting?? Either their voices are crippled or it is just that they dont give a damn. The noises heard in India are nothing more than the result of the years of propaganda brainwashed into the gullible Kashmiri minds by Pakistan to avenge their shameful loss of East Pakistan.

Kashmiris, I would appreciate your views on the above.
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PostSubject: Answers   Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:09 pm

Here are some brief replies to your (Bharat's) questions:-

1. As far as Pakistan administered Kashmir is concerned, Pakistan has always said that PaK will also be allowed to choose its destiny as and when the United Nations resolutions are implemented and those people will also exercise their right to self determination. So there is no need to "PROTEST" against anything. We only need to protest against INDIA.

2. Well I don't know when Pakistan gifted part of Kashmir to China. Even if that has happened, we could do nothing in it because we are not ruled by Pakistan.

3. Well we are waiting for that day when all the troops will be removed from Kashmir. Hope it happens very soon. As far as people settling in other part of Kashmir is concerned, I don't know from where you got this information. Even if it is true only the people of Kashmir will Have the right to vote at the time of implementation of United Nations Resolution.
India has been forced to respect our right to ownership because of article 370. India is trying very hard to scrap this law but will never succeed in doing so, Insha-Allah.

4. Of course we want Kashmiri Pandits to return and only then can there be a Plebiscite in true sense. We have never stopped them from returning. Other things I have already replied.

5. Everybody knows about the protests taking place in Tibet. I think you don't listen to the International News very often. There are protests in Chinese occupied Kashmir and may be you know that Dalai Lama is presently in India because he had to flee from there due to chinese threat.
As far as Pak administered Kashmir is concerned they don't need to protest because Pakistan has promised them to give them their right. By the way they do still protest, not against Pakistan but against India.

I hope you will appreciate my views regarding this as stated by you in your post.
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PostSubject: Kashmiris deserve the right to self determination   Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:05 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Question to Kashmiris!   

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Question to Kashmiris!
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