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 Indo-US Nuclear Deal and the Muslim Identity

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PostSubject: Indo-US Nuclear Deal and the Muslim Identity   Mon Aug 11, 2008 1:35 pm

I dont think I'll be able to convince people who have already made up their minds that there is no such thing as a muslim identity, and that anyone who talks about a muslim identity would be a hot-headed 'Islamist rage boy'. But inspite of these stereotypes I'll give it a shot and put forth my few points:

They claim that much of the muslim world would be againts itself because many muslim countries cooperate militarily with the US. How many of these countries are democracies? Qatar, Saudi Arabia(which continues to have US bases), Jordan, Egypt, the gulf sheikhdoms and their ilk are all dictatorships or monarchies imposed by the West. If you were to ask the suppressed muslim populace of these countries about cooperating with the US or Israel I am sure you would get an answer not very far from that of the percieved 'muslim identity'.

As far as India benfeting from this deal economically and therefore the views of the majority of its muslim poulace takes second place, I would like to respectfully note that Indians are underestimating the genius of thier scientists and engineers who wuold sooner than later be able to manufacture the nuclear fuel indiginously. India would sooner or later be able to produce the yellow cake and maybe even be able tp export it to other countries. Indians are unknowingly thwarting their own progress by purchasing the nuclear fuel instead of using all resources to manufacture it in India.

If muslims are respected as equal citizens of India, cooperation with US over the nuclear deal should be reconsidered, and at the same time research for the indigineous production of Uranium should be bolstered. This should be done in solidarity with Iran and in ojection to the double standards that the US is exercising whilst dealing with other muslim countries; for instance the US unconditional support of Israel and its apartheid policies. Has anyone ever heard of US objecting to the 300 nuclear warheads that Israel posseses and yet is the recipient of over 300 billion dollar US aid most of which Israel spends on military hardware to sustain a country that has been the reason of war and suffering in the muslim world ever since it was imposed upon the middle-east.

If proponents of the Indo-US nuclear deal are unable to see the double standards that the US and its accomplices are proposing, then nothing will ever convince them. US is on the verge of militarily striking Iran for suspision of having a secret nuclear weapons program, and therefore Iran is prohibited by the US and its henchmen from pursuing a peaceful nuclear program for generating electricity. India already has nuclear weapons and yet is helped with the civilian nuclear program. Does anyone see the doublle standard?. Is it because Iran and Syria are muslim countries and not buddies with the terrorist state of Israel? I suspect that is the main reason.

If you still want muslims to support this deal, you have to assume that we are brain-dead sheep who follow any solgan of the "poor, downtrodden, helpless muslims of India" who would somehow overnight come out of this misrey by the US-India nuclear deal.
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PostSubject: INDO-US NUCLEAR DEAL & MUSLIM IDENTITY   Tue Aug 12, 2008 4:41 pm

Dear Mr. Admin,
I beg to differ on certain points though you seem to be an expert on Nuclear Technology.

First of all, your point of Muslims not being treated as First Class Citizen's. The Highest Office in India is the President's Office. You can search on Google how many Presidents were Muslim in India, moreover in the state of J&K you can see how many high profile offices have been & are still with Muslims? So I don't get this point. Hope to see your explanation!!! sunny

As far as Muslims of the world are concerned, I think all the arms producing countries LOVE MUSLIMS!!!! I will give you a simple fact which might have not crossed your mind, just have a look at all the troubled or so called Terrorist infected areas. Let's take the example of Palestine, the people & govt. of Palestine don't have money to pay to their employees & there are scarcities of food & necessary things, however when you see on TV or even if you visit these states there is no scarcity of Arms!!!

This very fact that Muslims love to fight & on top of that they are Stupid makes them the most lovable community for the arms producing countries of the world. In fact why go abroad, Kashmiri's go to Pakistan to fetch weapons & then fight in India. Also the fact remains that Pakistan gets these arms from US or China. Another example is, in the war with Soviet Union in Afghanistan most of the material used was made in Israel & was delivered via US. Why didn't the Muslim population object then? Because it is always the Matter of Convenience!!!

As far as going to Iran for fuel, I think you really need to broaden your vision. It is a highly unstable place in the world to go for anything let it be Crude Oil or anything. For sure US has double standards not only in this but in everything, but it is still wise to for US than to go with Iran or any of these countries who steal the technology & then claim it to be their own.
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PostSubject: India's Nuclear Technology   Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:57 pm

India's Bomb is an Bomb for all of the Indians, If you want you can all Islamic or Hindu or as you want.
But its Indian Bomb.
Its for its 1 billion+ population, including 140 million Muslims.

And our recent nuclear waiver and deals.

Thats for to put all of Indians (including 140 million muslims) on fast track of Energy Independence.
We can always do it without the other's support, but since we live in a global world, we can cooperate for good reasons with other countries, I dont see a reason to very picky in that regards.

India's nuclear capability is more towards to keep China in check
China has deployed nuclear weapons along kashmir and Tibet border with India decades ago, But most people think that its for using against pakistan.

I can call India's Atomic Bomb to Islamic as it reprsent and guard soverignity of 140 million muslims of the world and it father is a muslim (Dr. Abdul Kalam) .....
Hats off to him and all patriots who have worked against all odds to get it done.
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PostSubject: Re: Indo-US Nuclear Deal and the Muslim Identity   

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Indo-US Nuclear Deal and the Muslim Identity
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