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 Study reveals India is the poorest country in the world!

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PostSubject: Study reveals India is the poorest country in the world!   Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:00 am

Study: More Poor People in India than in 26 African Countries
Selah Hennessy | London 14 July 2010

According to a new study more people live in poverty in eight Indian states than in 26 of sub-Saharan Africa's poorest countries. The creators of the new study said the level of poverty in South Asia compared to Africa was a surprising discovery.

"When we compare the 26 poorest countries of Africa with states in India that have the same intensity of deprivation, we find there are more poor people with this intensity of deprivation in India than in sub-Saharan Africa. And that is quite striking," Alkire adds.

Researchers analyzed data from 104 countries with a combined population of 5.2 billion just under 80 percent of the world's total population.
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Study reveals India is the poorest country in the world!
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