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 A fractious Hurriyat only helps enemies

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A fractious Hurriyat only helps enemies Empty
PostA fractious Hurriyat only helps enemies

The media in Kashmir is partly to blame for the various factions in the pro-freedom parties. I once read a comment by some smart guy that the term "separatists" was invented by the Indian media to create confusion regarding the Kashmir issue in the minds of the world community who are learning about Kashmir. After all the term "separatists" implies that Kashmir has all along been a part of India and now the "separatists" want to sever ties and separate. This is historically inaccurate because Kashmiris have never accepted Kashmir as part of India right from the start so the issue of separating doesnt arise. Kashmiris are fighting Indian occupation.

The Kashmir media just tagged along to what the Indian reporters published instead of using the more accurate term: Freedom fighters.

Similarly, the Kashmir media is happy to follow blindly in the footsteps of the Indian media and label the various factions of Hurriyat as "moderate" and "hardline."

Why is the Kash,ir media so subservient to Indian trends? Who gets to decide which faction is hardline and which moderate?

In the interest of Kashmir's unity, I suggest that we stop towing the Indian reporter's line and stop labelling the various factions of Hurriyat.
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A fractious Hurriyat only helps enemies :: Comments

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A fractious Hurriyat only helps enemies

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