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 Show me a pro-India blogger

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PostShow me a pro-India blogger

Show me a pro-India Kashmiri blogger and I'll consider that there is in fact even an infinitesimal chance of there being an indigenous Kashmiri sentiment in favour of India. The fact remains that most pro-India Kashmiris are opportunists, and almost always have their own vested interest in defending India's presence in Kashmir. They are the Kashmiris who benefit directly from the Indians, and invariably belong to either a pro-India political party, contractors and bureaucrats: people who will lose their unaccountable power once the Indians are gone. They are the Kashmiri version of opportunistic collaborators that we have witnessed throughout history in other freedom movements as well. Take for instance India's own colonial past. It would be idiotic to consider that the Indians running the show for the British were happy to see the British gone.

Even then if someone were to mention the NC, PDP or any other political party members, it would be hard to justify their opportunistic alliance with the passion of all pro-freedom bloggers on the internet. We volunteer our time and effort knowing well we have no material benefit out of it. This passion is missing from the few pro-India voiceless Kashmiris. Deep down they know that what they are doing is wrong and therefore you see no pro-India blogs from Kashmir. It takes passion, a deep conviction, and above all the belief that what you are saying is the truth and that you are on the side of truth to write a blog. Pro-India Kashmiris know that they are on the side of evil. That is why we even saw Omar Abdullah quit his blog. It is very hard to justify the Indian occupation for more than a few weeks.
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Show me a pro-India blogger

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