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 The need for unity in Hurriyat

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The need for unity in Hurriyat Empty
PostThe need for unity in Hurriyat

I would like to dedicate my first blog post to Hurriyat. I wish to emphasize that most Kashmiris are fatigued by seeing Hurriyat being splintered into so many factions. Although I will be voicing my opinion on all events I feel are important for me, I will primarily deal with ways Hurriyat can strengthen their standing and better fend off the machinations of the Indian intelligentsia, who are always conspiring to undermine our only freedom party.

First and foremost, I wish all the factions would unite. There is no way around this simple, yet onerous task. The most common remark from ordinary Kashmiris while debating the Hurriyat is that since they are unable to look beyond their differences and unify, this means that they will also be unable to unite Kashmiris, who also belong to different sects and linguistic backgrounds.

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The need for unity in Hurriyat :: Comments

Re: The need for unity in Hurriyat
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The need for unity in Hurriyat

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