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 Is Omar Singh the Ramzan Kadyrov of Kashmir?

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PostSubject: Is Omar Singh the Ramzan Kadyrov of Kashmir?   Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:59 am

The similarities between Ramzan Kadyrov, the brutal dictator of Chechnya, and Omar Singh are undeniable.

If you haven't heard of Ramzan Kadyrov please search about him on the internet.

Ramzan Kadyrov is the gransdon of a Chechnyan freedom fighter named Ahmad Kadyrov. Just like Omar Singh is the grandson of Kashmiri freedom fighter Sheikh Abdullah.

Ramzan and his father became traitors and switched their loyalties to Russia, which occupies Chechnya. Ramzan has been appointed President of Chechnya against the wishes of the majority of Chehcnyan population, just like all three Abdullahs have been oppointed rulers of Kashmir against wishes of Kashmiris.

Ramzan and other pro-Russian lunatics lead several Russian backed paramilitary forces in Chechnya which commits unspeakable horrors in the Chechnyan population. Similarly Omar Singh leads the CRPF, BSF and the Indian police in Kashmir to commit horrendous acts of violence against peaceful freedom seeking Kashmiris.
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PostSubject: Omar Bawarchi and Kadyrov   Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:20 pm

I think you all know Omar studied Hotel management, and it is the heights, baby. To compare a bawarchi with a butcher. Dont shame that poor man Kadyrov. We will ask Putin saheb, to interchange them, for a year....and you know what will be the result in a year. In Chechnya, Omar dead and skinned, and in kashmir nobody left to kill. You read blogs from there and you will know, baby, that we Indian soldiers are Kindergarten kids, in torture.
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PostSubject: @sanjit   Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:45 pm

We don't debate with kids here. Come back when you're grown up and have something meaningful to discuss here.

Oh and go tell your mom you were on a Kashmiri freedom site.
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PostSubject: denial   Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:21 pm

Closing ones eyes will not make the room dark, son.
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PostSubject: Re: Is Omar Singh the Ramzan Kadyrov of Kashmir?   

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Is Omar Singh the Ramzan Kadyrov of Kashmir?
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