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 Remember Neelofar and Asiya!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Remember Neelofar and Asiya!!!!!!!   Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:30 am

Hurriyat and all true Kashmiris are numskulls if they believe that the CBI can solve this or will solve this.

Guys start an agitation that you want a neutral international organization like the FBI or Scotland yard to solve this case. India has sought the services of FBI as well as Scotland Yard in order to solve numerous cases before for example they sought external help in order to solve the Rajiv Gandhi assassination etc etc.

The only way to get justice for these innocent sisters of ours is to involve an international organization. Kashmiris must be nuts to believe an ass like Omar Abdullah who is an Indian sycophant to the core and did not relinquish his seat even when Muslims where burned alive in Gujarat. The CBI is a hogwash guys, they can't even solve the murder/rape case of Aarushi in New Delhi, are we lame and stupid enough to believe that the CBI will go against the Indian security agencies.

C'mon Omar the real Mirwaiz and lead from the front, start an agitation or a hunger strike and make a statement that you will not rest till an international organization is brought in to tackle the murder/rape of our sisters.

Mirwaiz Omar Farooq Sahab, If you could open the Muzafarrabad route with one stern disciplined agitation, why can't you be the torch bearer of bringing justice to these poor females or do you prefer stay within your enclosed walls under constant house-arrest. Start a genuine protest and the people will die for you and trust me you can do this from the confines of your house. It is your religious duty to ask for neutral investigators as trusting the Indian law/order machinery would be tantamount to trusting the SATAN HIMSELF.
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PostSubject: Re: Remember Neelofar and Asiya!!!!!!!   Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:58 am

Couldnt agree more Mr Shahab. CBI inquiry is just an attempt by the Indian government and their puppets in Kashmir to divert attention and hush up the case. Only an impartial international investigation will be acceptable to the people of Kashmir. What part of "Kashmiris are blaming the Indian occupiers for this crime" do Indians not understand? As if we will ever trust them to be impartial while investigating their own crimes. We all know what happened to the investigation into the murder of two youth in Bomai. Who investigated that? The Indians, and what came out of that investigation? Nothing!

Omar Abdullah needs to answer what happened to his promise of bringing the Bomai culprits to justice before making new promises about the Shopian atrocity.

So why would the CBI inquiry into the Shopian rapes be any different?
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Remember Neelofar and Asiya!!!!!!!
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