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PostSubject: KASHMIR [A VIEW FROM PAKISTAN]   KASHMIR [A VIEW FROM PAKISTAN] Icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2009 6:55 pm


I accidentally stumbled onto this blog couple of days back and it was fascinating experience for me as I got to study and understand the thoughts and experiences of Kashmiris from across the LOC. Internet is indeed such a great invention that sitting in Islamabad, I am fully able to gauge and understand what the people from the Kashmir Valley think about the human catastrophe they are in. Something I wouldnít have known unless I had visited the Valley.

The ideas discussed and proposed on this blog were not really that alien to me or to probably your amazement, people of Pakistan. The good folks of valley want independence from both india and Pakistan. Yes, the Pakistanis know that and have no problem with it. As a matter of fact, ever since I can recall (I am 24) overwhelming majority of people of Pakistan (despite stating the rhetorical point Ė Kashmir baneyga Pakistan) were never against this idea and the claim by GOP that Kashmiris should get RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION is not merely a PR stunt but actually reflects the feelings of Pakistani people.

One thing I did notice is that there is a great dearth of view from Pakistani side. I see genuine Kashmiri people here along with many Indians but almost no one from Pakistan. So Iíll just give some perspective from our side (probably for the 1st and last time).

What I found troubling on this blog was the constant lumping of Pakistan with india. We are nothing like them and are not an obstacle towards the aspirations of Kashmiri people. And sure as hell, we are not occupying Kashmir. Thatís a flawed assumption. Due you think the AJK government will exist if Pakistani army withdraws from Azad Kashmir (POK for my Indian friends). Due you think India will not cross LOC to take over rest of their ATTUT ANG. Our army doesnít have large if any presence in AJK cities and they are not occupying forces preventing the people from embracing mother india. So please donít lump us with GOD DAMN Indians.

Like I mentioned before, our stance on Kashmir (as long as I can remember) is very straight and simple. Let the people decide. RIGHT OF SELFDETERMINATION is the simplest, easiest and probably the oldest solution of Kashmir and it is a win win situation for all parties.

But there are some complications which the Kashmiris should be aware of. I have visited Gilgit and Baltistan regions (known by GOP as Northern areas Ė what a stupid name) quiet frequently and the people of that area donít like to be called Kashmiris. They say that they are not Kashmiris and are not a party to dispute and Pakistan should consider us as another province. Yes we were part of the Dogra state but we are not Kashmiris and we won our independence through revolt rather than marauding tribals. And similarly I think the people of Ladakh and Jammu will have opinions 180į to that. So obviously opnions of these people have to be taken into account aswell if stats from the eventual plebiscite indicate that.

Now Iíll come towards another issue and that is the image of Pakistan which as I could gauge from the comments of people is a failed, terrorist, fundo state with no freedoms. Now Pakistan has huge problems. Our educational system is non homogeneous (religious (madarris), western (O-A levels) and national (SSC-HSSC), he have an economy which is in toilet and a president with a begging bowl going around the world in 30days. A creeping threat of Talibanization etc etc. These are genuine problems and it points towards the utter failure of the rulers of Pakistan.

But if thatís all you know about Pakistan then your very wrong. The world might not believe this but Pakistan is a very open society (in terms of freedoms Ė not talking about gay rights). Our media is probably amongst the most independent in the world (donít through media independence index at me as it deals more with attacks on journalists than fairness and freedom to opin). It is many folds fairer than Indian media. It always challenges and exposes the government. The independence seeking leaders of Baluchistan get more talk time on air than anyone else (never gonna happen in India visa-vise Kashmir). Hell even the God damn TTP thugs get air time. WHY? Because of fairness. What happened in America before Iraq war will never happen here. I know the Indians have banned Pakistani channels in Kashmir and even in India otherwise you wouldíve known about this.

It is a country of culture and art. Although our film industry sucks (for the last 20 years) our pop music and dramas are one of the finest in the world. Largely non vulgar, highly creative, imaginative and inspiring. No wonder Bollywood copies so much from our singers. Youíll be amazed to find out that bollywood has copied so so many songs from Pakistan that I can write an entire book on it. Only now they have found a reasonable way to make use of our talent, i.e. joint ventures with our singers. Our political satire shows (4man Show, Hum Sub Umeed say Hain) and dramas are amongst the finest in the world.

The judiciary (finally) is free and independent and has grabbed GOP by the balls. Justice has prevailed and this trend will never reverse now. This will surely and gradually cleanse things like corruption and miss use of power.

Talibanization gives a very wrong perspective of Pakistan. Most of you worry and are constantly taunted by Indians that accession with Pakistan will result in Taliban taking over your lives aswell. You guys think of yourselves as moderate people, well the Pakistanis are the same aswell. Religious parties barring 1 time have never won more than 2% of vote in general election. WHY? Because people know that they are dumb and offer them nothing. They get less in Pakistan than Hindu fundos do in India. A guy like Marinder Modi will never get even 10 votes in Pakistan. And there is no comparison between army operation in Swat and SWA and the actions of Indian army in Kashmir. That is the reason why the Taliban are in retreat and people despite being displaced from their homes for 2 months are back in their homes and one of the biggest independence day celebrations has taken place in Swat. The role of maddaris gets taunted and maligned a lot in foreign media and india. First of all only 3% Pakistani students study their and secondly they are one of the biggest NGOs. 98% of them donít have anything to do with militancy (I say this as Iíve studied in 3 different ones) but the bad apples get all the projection (and so they should) and have created a lot of mess.

As I said before, our economy is in shambles but people in Pakistan unlike india donít sleep on footpaths or die of hunger and starvation. Poverty is very much there but people do get a square meal (exceptions are there). The standard of living of people is better than that of our prosperous neighbor.

Two more lies that are continuously told to you by Indians is, a) freedom struggles are taking place against federation in all provinces of Pakistan, b) people in IHK are in better conditions than POK. Movements of Provincial Autonomy are taking place in 3 provinces and movement of accession is taking place only in Baluchistan. Like I said before, media highlights that everyday. But having remained in Quetta for 3 years, all Iíve observed is the movement of Provincial autonomy being hijacked by some Sardars. Problem is there, no doubt and the central government needs to release more subjects to the provinces but a comparison between this and Kashmir movement in only fickle of ones imagination.

About the second point, you guys can be the better judge but I base my opinion on the comments of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq who has actually seen both places and he believes AJK and its people are many times better than the people of IHK.

The people of Pakistan are amongst the most charitable in the world and you donít have to go too far to get a huge living example of it. After the 2005 earthquake which decimated AJK people of Pakistan poured out of their homes to help and aid their brothers in trouble. Iíve seen people even donating their cars to help the people in need. Every foundation (charitable or not) sent trucks of supplies to disaster struck people and the out pour of love, help and emotion wouldnít probably have been witnessed since the days of Hijrat in the times of Muhammad (S.A.W). This was all so spontaneous rather than a stunt. There was no motive or prejudice. People felt the need to help their brethrens in pain and so they did. Like it is said in MASTERCARD add, There are some things money (or great economy) canít buy.
Sorry for taking so much time of yours. Iíve rambled on for 5 pages. Well-done if youíve read all that. Last thing Iíll like to say is that we consider Kashmiris as our Brothers and Brethrens (like the Bengalis). Pakistan has screwed up a lot in both events but if you could see our heart, nothing have changed even today, and irrespective of whether you are with us or independent, youíll always be our brothers and brethrens.
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PostSubject: Thank you for your support   KASHMIR [A VIEW FROM PAKISTAN] Icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2009 8:40 pm


Check the above website, its a Pro-Pakistan Kashmiri blogger.

We may have differences with Pakistan but when Pakistan cricket team/hockey team/squash team wins, we go and blast crackers in front of Indian army bunkers(Knowing very well that they will shoot at us).

True that majority of Kashmiris want Independence but our Historical/cultural/demographic affiliations are with the nation of Pakistan and we will continue with those ancient trade routes and bonds of blood once we achieve our goal of liberation from the Indian yoke.

Regards Smile
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PostSubject: Re: KASHMIR [A VIEW FROM PAKISTAN]   KASHMIR [A VIEW FROM PAKISTAN] Icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2009 10:21 pm


Dear brother,
welcome and thankyou for the comprehensive post. Pakistan will always have a special place in the Kashmiris' hearts. Yes Kashmiris want independence, but our special relationship with Pakistan is unbreakable. This inspite of the continuos propaganda against Pakistan by the Indian biased and unfair media.

Welcomw again Timur, hope you will continue sharing views from the Pakistani side here.
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PostSubject: Realty of pakistan   KASHMIR [A VIEW FROM PAKISTAN] Icon_minitimeTue Sep 07, 2010 9:11 pm

This pakistani is lyeing to kashmiri people. Firstly kashmir was independent but pakistan attacked on it. And occupy its area, then how csn you believe on it again. Pakistani are backstabber so is china. Kahan tum aazadi ke khayalo mein khoye hue ho. Pakistan n china will not remained you indeprndent even for a single day. If i become pm of india then i would have given you azadi n then when you would have attacked by pakis n chinese then you beg for help from india, then i would not have provided you. Because you hate so much to own country which is spending so much money on you., jis thaali mein khate ho, usi mein chede karte ho. Tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta namakharamo.
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PostSubject: Mere watan teri janat ma ain ge ik din   KASHMIR [A VIEW FROM PAKISTAN] Icon_minitimeThu Oct 07, 2010 10:46 pm


Again pure indian much u r spending on kashmir.nothing.india is just looting the kashmir.its nature,wealth,beauty,freedom n much more.agr itna bhari parta to kab ka chor k free ker dety na.tum log us kuty ki tara ho jo bina pochy hmare ghar ma aa gya ha aur ab wapas jany ki bijaey hum ko hi bhonkny and katny lga ha.
Tum kashmiri people ko apna ni samjty.koi apno k sath aisa zulm krta ha??hundreds of innocent are killed daily including children,old n women.which makes hell the rest of life of widows n orphans.
And ask the people of azad kashmir how they are enjoying the pleasures of being free nation.
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