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 Kashmir in 2029

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PostSubject: Kashmir in 2029   Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:30 am


You feedback is appreciated on this:
Kashmir: 2029
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PostSubject: Kashmir 2029   Wed May 19, 2010 5:22 pm

Thanks a Lot for your post! It was a pleasure to read and a refreshing change to the norm.
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PostSubject: Re: Kashmir in 2029   Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:00 am

Kashmir in 2029 will resemble hell on earth, like Afghanistan under the Taliban, if you continue to believe the foreign invaders.
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Dr Kant

PostSubject: Impractical & Practical options for Kashmir   Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:18 am

I've been studying and reporting Kashmir problem for years now. As a matter of fact, I've lived in Indian subcontinent, in all the countries except Bhutan, for quite sometime now. Whatever is written in article 'Kashmir 2029' is just a fantasy, which probably most Muslims in Kashmir are fantasizing every day.
Why i call it a fantasy? Because, even if India were to give up Kashmir it won't give up Jammu and Ladakh and if US President is so much democratic then she would definitely divide Jammu & Kashmir. No sane statesman would allow two more Kashmirs to develop within newly born Kashmir state. This article has been written by a Kashmirian with a bias against Hindus of Jammu region and Buddhists of Ladakh region. That's why he fantasizes about an undivided Jammu & Kashmir.

Practically and with no bias against any community in Jammu & Kashmir, I have sorted out a few options for people of J & K:-

1) Complete Assimilation of J & K by Indian state i.e. abolition of special status of the state.
This option is often dreamt of by Hindu Nationalists. But to sell it to Kashmiri Muslims, Indian state needs a credible leader and administration which can win trust of all the Indians including Kashmiris. This is a very Utopian solution. But yet, if India can produce a leader who can guide India including Kashmir towards peace, self-respect and prosperity then possibly, after some time, Kashmiris may fall in line behind that charismatic leader. Why I say this? Because ultimately this is what people want from their government and administration. If British had given Indians/Americans peace, self respect and prosperity, India & the US would still have been part of the Empire. Staying with India will benefit Kashmiris as they get to share the opportunities that come with growing economy of India.

2) Kashmir (valley) gets complete Independence from India and Jammu and Ladakh become a part of India.
This solution has some chance. But the big question is, if Kashmir valley under India gets freedom, then does the part under Pakistan will get its freedom as well. Probably no. Pakistan with its jehadi infrastructure will try to capture Kashmir as it did by invading Kashmir in 1948 with tribesmen. And with Pakistan, Kashmir would fare no better than how it is doing right now. Rather it may become another warehouse of the fundamentalists' factory called Pakistan.
Even, if Kashmir manages to stay independent, it will be dependent on India and/or Pakistan for its supplies.

3) India grants autonomy to J & K by implementing the, much talked, Article 370.
This has quite a probability. But the problem in implementing this option is that Indian state is wary of 'Pakistan sponsored terrorism'. They feel if they leave Kashmir to herself, she may fall into a state of anarchy where only jehadi-terrorists will call the shots and they will have to start working on restoring their authority again from the scratch. Another problem would be dissent among Jammuites and Ladakhians who want to stay with the Union.

4) India divides the state of J & K, assimilates Jammu & Ladakh and grants autonomy to the Kashmiri Muslims.
According to me, the most practical solution. Everyone gets their homeland. If Kashmiri Muslims are willing, rehabilitate Kashmiri Hindus and other minorities in Kashmir or otherwise in Jammu and other parts of Kashmir. Kashmir valley stays with India as an autonomous province. But will Pakistan tolerate it? That's the biggest obstacle.

5) Kashmir cedes to Pakistan and India gets to keep Jammu & Ladakh.
Improbable as Kashmirians have always wanted to be Independent. Problems have already been discussed.

According to me, the best solution is option no. 4. Kashmir can share the economic progress with India along with staying more or less Independent. Ceding from India would do no good as India is much more liberal than Pakistan any given day. India is, atleast by policy, inclusive whereas Pakistan is more fundamentalist, religion centric and divisive. When they couldn't give equal rights to their Bengoli compatriots (before 1971).
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PostSubject: Re: Kashmir in 2029   Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:54 pm

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PostSubject: Get Sensible   Sun Oct 03, 2010 10:38 pm

Sites like this create all the hell that is going in Kashmir. I am not sure why there is a craze to get an independent state. Look at Pakistan, Afghanistan - for that matter even Iraq - it is all in bad shape. They dont allow other religions to thrive, but then they fight within themselves and kill each other. Kashmir has democracy and own state government, then why are Kashmiris going crazy. Rapes/murder happen everywhere in world - but you cant throw peace of whole state on such things. WHo will be stupid to throw stones in army. Best is to have peace and love like there is elsewhere in India. Practice your religion freely and respect people of other religion. Become part of India and army will leave. Have your elected govt.
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be pract

PostSubject: be practical   Sat Oct 23, 2010 1:36 am

lot of stories about army committing sins in kashmir.but india is honestly trying to reduce the army strength in kashmir.......but the kashmiris are not ready for any dialogue.......if they want peace first of all they should be ready to take the step forward..... otherwise more innocents will die in the fight between terrorists and the army
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PostSubject: Re: Kashmir in 2029   

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Kashmir in 2029
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