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 This policeman and Rakhi ka swaym war!

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PostSubject: This policeman and Rakhi ka swaym war!   Tue Jul 07, 2009 6:17 pm

Seems there is this show happening on an Indian channel, where people get to contest for marrying Rakhi Sawant! Somehow a poor policeman from Kupwara, has found his way to the show. So far so good. He is married with three kids! Still kind of Ok but.... he is using Islam as a shield to do his filth over there! Disgusting. He says, there is a provision for more than one marriage in Islam, so yes, he can go Rakhi way, even when he dearly loves his current wife. Ridiculous. I wish someone told him, there are conditions to be meet before he could do any of that.

People like this I bet, if you strip them down, you will find them uncircumcised...and yet they have a heart to talk religion.
Disgracing religion for your own personal hunger. Should be taken to butchers!
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This policeman and Rakhi ka swaym war!
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