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 Chilling footage of couple executed by Taliban

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PostSubject: Chilling footage of couple executed by Taliban   Mon Apr 27, 2009 1:47 pm

From Pakistan's Dawn News
Quote :
KOHAT: A video footage sent by some unidentified people to Dawn on Friday shows Taliban firing squad killing a man and a woman after accusing them of having committed adultery.

The two, who appeared to be in their 40s, were gunned down in the presence of their relatives.

According to sources the incident took place in Hangu district a few days ago. In the video, the woman is heard appealing to the Taliban for mercy. ‘Have mercy on me, please have mercy, the charges against me are false and no man has ever touched me.’

Taliban first pump bullets into woman’s chest and then fire a burst from Kalashnikovs at her and the man. As the woman appeared to be breathing, some Taliban are heard shouting, ‘she is alive, kill her’

From UK Daily Mail
Quote :
Chilling footage of couple executed by Taliban for having affair
By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 7:44 PM on 26th April 2009

Horrifying footage has emerged of a couple being executed by the Taliban after conducting an alleged affair in a Pakistan village near the Afghan border.
A local journalist captured the footage on his mobile telephone, which showed a gunman shooting the couple after they attempted to escape.
The man and woman, who have not been named, were both shot in the back, and left bleeding in a field until observers noticed that they were still alive.

Distress is evident on the woman's face before the brutal execution, both she and the man can be seen attempting to escape before they are shot

The film, which aired on Pakistani channel Dawn News, shows the gunman return moments later to shoot them dead.

The killings, which took place in Hangu District, a violent militant-controlled frontier region two hours from Peshawar, is further indication of the spread of the Taliban in Pakistan.

The horrific punishment was carried out by a local group of Pakistani Taliban militia which is currently sweeping towards the country's capital, Islamabad.
The woman is shot, but not killed. The Taliban gunman returns after onlookers shout that the victims are still alive


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PostSubject: Re: Chilling footage of couple executed by Taliban   Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:55 pm

news are worer and worser
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Chilling footage of couple executed by Taliban
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