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 Declare Election dates as dates for Lal Chowk Chalo Marches

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PostSubject: Declare Election dates as dates for Lal Chowk Chalo Marches   Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:43 pm

Quote :
A brilliant opportunity for Kashmiris, The Coordination committee (CC) should declare the election dates as exact time for Lal Chowk chalo marches. The Indian media will cover it extensively(Election coverage) and the army won't be able to impose a curfew as people have to come out of their houses to vote (International media watching)......this will be a brilliant political move on part of the CC, if only they read this post.
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PostSubject: Election dates as the dates for lal chowk chalo programme   Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:45 pm

Please can anyone take these messages across to Co-ordination Committee people. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Elections   Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:04 am

1) Call for parallel march:
>>. People who are not aware of the Election process, puts forth such ideas, 48 hours before election, no canvassing meetings, dharnas etc is allowed, and on the day of election no meetings, ralleys are allowed, these are part of poll conduct, and any aberration give the police right to arrest or take other measures to stop such things.
Election day is not day for canvassing or protest, doing so gives governmnet all right to crack down.
And more over its not the first time bright idea,, the veterans in APHC are always aware of such bright thoughts. They loose no moment, even on Eid they called for march...
Each friday they arrange a protest ralley. They can call for march each day and evening if they want.

>>. Millitants if in the area get active, then CRPF will get a valid point to open fire, killing more innocent people.
When Innocent people are killed the CRPF is blamed, the locals seems to forget there own role which causes these to happen.

>>. Low voter turn out in valley will hep National parties like BJP to take advantage. Its possible that as protestors walk to Lal March ... BJP may walk to Kashmir parliament.

2) Why APHC is scared of polls.
APHC if really so sure should contest in polls get to assembly with 2/3 majority ... but they know that they can never win a 2/3 majority... May be they can win in 2-3 districts of central/urban kashmir valley.
They have to prove their worth across the Indian Kashmir and they can do so only by contesting in election.. which they are scared of .. becuase if they loose even once.. then there will be left with no face.

First thing Yasin and Gilani will do is "We dont want election", "this is futile exercise"....
If they are not willing to contest this election then what moral right they have to call for self determination and UN resolution (which anyway is outdated) ...
Its only their politics that they are doing and getting handsome salary from the other side... Infact they are the ones morally responsible for killing of all Innocent Kashmiris for their petty politics.

They say that election is rigged, if election is getting media coverage .. and many people bycott election out of fear or riots .. then how can one say that election is rigged. these are just false claims.

3) BJP Factor.
2008 election is going to be landmark, as there is high possibility that BJP is going to make a mark in areas other than the valley. And I am hopeful that even in the Valley BJP can win .. as voter turn out will be low.... and as people will be busy protesting and doing a "Lal Chowk March" attempt... BJP will come to power.
People will surely vote against "Congress-PDP" government and the contest is virtually between BJP and NC.
I wonder if BJP makes government in J&K??

Both NC and BJP get benefited by low voter turnout.
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PostSubject: Time for introspection brothers..   Wed Oct 22, 2008 7:28 pm

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is not only about economic viability, we need political and military stability as well. Please read Sheikh Abdullah's speech to the Constituent Assemby where he gives pros and cons about the options that we have...

There has been severe injustice with us. But just think, will Azaadi really give us what we want?

Do we have such leadership that can drive us, or resources that can protect us against Pakistan, India, China, Afghanistan?
And against Taliban or such outfits?

Do we want to create another Afghanistan? Is this what we dream of?

Why do we raise Pakistani flags every now and then?

It was Pakistan who attacked us and divided half of our state.

When they are themsleves fighting for survival, what can they offer us?

My opinion is that we must strive to have a better system under the existing setup.

We always get carried away by our so-called leaders who have always misled and used us.

We never participated in the Census of 2001. Why? HAd we participated, it would have given a better picture of our strength to the world..

Why do we not participate in the elections? I agree that in the past, most of the elections were rigged. But things are different now. The whole world is watching. Entire press wrote stories about inncocents being killed during the Amarnath protests.

Every one of us must participate in this election and bring to power an accountable government.

India has mishandled Kashmir for so many years and we have borne the brunt. But, we also have been not been less responsible for our condition today.

Do you remember what we Kashmiris did during the militancy? Innumerable "Tanzeems" demanding ransom..Killing innocent people..branding them as Mukhbirs..Who are renegades or Ikhwanis? They are all KAshmiris..

We must sit down and think..Think what dream do we have for our people?

And what comes to my mnd after I see and weigh all options that we have is, we dont have a better option than to stay with India, albeit, demand an equitable treatment. Treatment that every Indian gets in free India.

We should not look at isolated incidents, since there are exceptions. There are extremists from the RSS who want us thrown out. But you must also see a large number of Hindu inttelectuals who come and defend our cause.

I'm sure and even you will agree, such freedom would be unheard of in Pakistan, or even China.

I also agree that India and Indians would have to take large leaps before the come to our expectations and aspirations. But the first step has to be taken by us.

We must come out of this mental block of anti-India sentiments...

I firmly believe that it is only because of India that you and me have this freedom. Had India not helped us during the Kabali raid, you and me probably would have been in some Afghan town defending ourselves with klashinkoves.

We must go back and analyse our history analytically, without any prejudice.

I want a new thought process to be started by us. Young Kashmiris who can bring back peace to all of us.

I have started a blog, where I plan to nurture this thought process by involving all brothers and sisters.

You may want to have a look...
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PostSubject: @Badamwae   Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:02 am


Please let me know the link to your blog. I would really love to read this sensible thought emanating from Kashmir again and again to make myself believe that there is some sanity still left there and this makes me believe that there is still hope.
I am quite sure that people who have a thought process similar to yours are not a minority in existing Kashmir. Its just a matter of sharing such thoughts and coming out openly with them. As you rightly said, you need to "demand an equitable treatment".
Well I believe the first step towards that, is doing what you have suggested.
The more this thought is spread across the people of Kashmir, the better it would be.
And I would love some new leader(s) emerging who have a clarity of vision and who really knows what is best for Kashmir and its people.
The existing lot which includes NC/PDP is useless. the separatists?? what can i say about them??

I am back here after a long time and i am missing my friends in action:
admin, reporter, hated-in,chinaar, liberalm, peace...

where are you all??
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PostSubject: Re: Declare Election dates as dates for Lal Chowk Chalo Marches   

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Declare Election dates as dates for Lal Chowk Chalo Marches
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